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Macuna Pruriens

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The glass is half full and not half empty. The researchers could not quite explain what happens in the brains of depressed, they are just out of their control until. Imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin and Noradrenalinist is probably the reason for the hopeless despair. These so-called mood hormones transfer information from one cell to another in the brain. Since treatment with antidepressants has many negative side effects, we wanted to find an herbal alternative from the Thai jungle to you and want to give you natural healing method. This product – Joyful, gives you your good mood again and causes things become clearer again. Joyful (Mamuiy seed) plant (Mucuna pruriens) is new for us in North and South America. In Asia they began to use natural medicine 5,000 years ago. This herb provides a bright mood, anxiety and depression cured reduced. If you engage in Asian herbs you will be surprised how you can be helped. In Asia, this herb is known as a marriage nests and used if the marriage already several years behind. It also promotes sexual pleasure, in contrast to chemical anti-depressants.

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Feel Good is a pure vegetable capsules help for depression. It gives the feeling of happiness, good mood, “feel that you’re comfortable with itself and is known in Asia as a marriage nests.

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  • Packing: 60 or 270 capsules for 129,90 €
  • Dosage: 2 capsules the morning with plenty of water or, if necessary, increase the dose to; up to 4 capsules. The dose can be reduced again when you are feeling better.
  • Application: depression and bad mood
  • Produced: Thailand
  • Side effects: There are no known side effects. Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Note: Think about your attitude towards life, no one is perfect and everyone can make mistakes. Try to see the positive side of a difficult situation (what is good) (as far as is feasible). Accept your own limitations and the others. Maintain your partnership and your friendships and be aware that “work” against this, it is a good investment. Wasting your energy with things or projects, you do not have influence or experience of giving only negative results. When you get to your limits, set priorities, make a written plan to make optimal use of your time and also others time to plan for themselves. Always try to find the positive in every situation, so your brain used to think positive!
  • Contains: Mamuiy seed ( Mucuna pruriens ) is a plant that also includes ; vitamins, phytochemicals , omega -3 fatty acids and L- carnitine
  • Delivery time Germany 1-2 working days every other countries 4 to 9 days
  • 60 capsules

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60, 270

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    The most comfortable hoodie I have ever owned!

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