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Garcinia Atroviridis


Promotes digestion, weight loss, improves the absorption and utilization of vitamins, helps Chronica gastritis, ulcers and has a calming effect on the body when it is nervous or restless

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FUTAMEDOL is an excellent slimming tablet, it promotes digestion and eliminates intestinal parasites. Acts as a fat blockers and blood lipid-lowering agent. Increased fat in the blood (hyperlipidaemia) and high Triglydcerid values. Lowers cholesterol. Appetite-regulating effect. Helps with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Improving the uptake and utilization of vitamins. Help with gastritis Chronica and ulcers. By turmoil calms FUTAMEDOL your body.

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  • Packing: 30, 90 for 39,90 € and 180 for 69,90 € capsules
  • Dosage: Before each meal taken 1 capsule with plenty of water
  • Use: FUTAMEDOL recommended if weight loss is desired. If you want optimum performance it is recommended to play sports, drink plenty of water and eat a varied diet (team again with pasta, white bread, rice and sugar)
  • Produced: FUTAMEDOL produced in Thailand by the ancient Thai recipes for using plants, roots and herbs for natural medicine.
  • Side effects: There are no known side effects
  • Contains: 150 mg pro vegan Reismehlpsules: 100% pure Garcinia atroviridis, xanthone, Garcinone D Garcinone E, Alpha-Mangostin, Gamma-mangostin, Atrovirisidone, Atrovirinone, Garcinia GB1, Garcinia GB2, Beta-Guttiferin, Guttic acid, Gambogic Acid, Atrovirisidone B

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90, 30, 180


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