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Butea Superba


Youth tonic for women and men, helps against all signs of aging: skin, hair, hair loss, muscle strength, heart, stroke, prostate, memory, herbal power.

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In addition to the proven potency increase and the erectile effect Butea Superba is also generally very good against aging, a highly effective agent for women and men. All the signs of aging, such as gray hair, loose skin and less efficiency in daily life make the plant Butea Superba. There are numerous scientific tests that prove the effect of Butea Superba, also known as Red Kwao Krua. The active ingredients of the plant can stop any form of aging processes. These include age-related potency problems or the lust in the woman. Butea Superba promotes an increase in libido. It is a gentle alternative to chemical power resources. Try it.

Further Information

  • Packing: 90 for 49,90 € and 270  for 129,90 € capsules economy pack
  • Dosage: Once daily, take 1 capsule with water
  • Application: Libido and Potency, Anti-Aging, Rejuvenating, Prevents early onset, Mild hormone replacement. Youth tonic for women and men. Against all signs of aging facial skin, skin, hair, hair loss, muscle strength, prostate, heart, memory and much more
  • Origin:Thailand, rainforest in zones over 400m above sea level.
  • Side effects none known
  • Duration: of use 90 days, 1 month rest, then repeat for 90 days.
  • Substance: Butea superba roxb., Androgenic substance testosterone
  • Contraindications For women and men only! Do not use with known cancer. Avoid simultaneous intake of alcohol and generally restrict it.

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90, 30, 270