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Almaseo Control

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Our best diet is the diet, exercise and relaxation. This concept of a diet is assured a guaranteed weight loss! Attack your extra kilos now.

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Maybe your life so stressful that diet (diet) is planned on Sunday but forgotten on Tuesdays. Unforeseen events in the family or challenges at work, overtime and yes, then the plan is destroyed. To resolve the fast solution; chocolate and snacks during the day, because there is simply no time for more. Stop!

For those who want to lose weight and still have an active work and family life, we have some special tips: With ALMASEO CONTROL you can achieve the desired weight – capsule contains an herbal blend of rice flour. The recipe is an old Thai recipe that has been used for generations. The food – it is easy and simple; Take just one capsule before each meal with plenty of water. Choose ever lighter dishes and low calorie
Beverages: Drink lots of water!

Breakfast: bread (preferably coarse) with meat of your choice, but not more than 2 pieces of meat (if it ought to go faster, you must give up all carbohydrates as recommended scrambled eggs without bread for breakfast)
Lunch: anything but carbohydrates
The evening: no fruit, no carbohydrates, only fried or steamed meat or fish with vegetables
Exercise: In the morning: 1 x 15 squats, 1 x 15 pushups and everything is repeated three times later you can increase squats and pushups to 20 units and the rates five times.
Try to incorporate these little exercises in your morning program when brushing teeth.

Further information

  • Packaging: 180 capsules
  • Dosage: 1-2 capsules before each meal with plenty of water. ALMASEO CONTROL can laxative effect, the diarrhea, the dose reduced to 1 capsule
  • Contains: 40% Garcinia atroviridis – Garcinia promote digestion, stimulates metabolism, promotes the absorption of nutrients in the gut, while reducing intake of fatty substances. 40% black pepper – pepper contains piperine, it blocks the formation of fat cells and increases metabolism in the body. 10% senna – Senna is an herbal remedy, can provide very mild laxative effect. 10% safflower / safflower – this ingredient purifies the blood, lowers cholesterol and is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. We work only with the best-qualified Thai farmers that ensures highest quality of ingredients
  • Produced: Thailand
  • Side Effects: None known adverse drug reactions other than that it boosts the digestive system and can get diarrhea.
  • Contains: 150 mg of the above plants. The capsule is made of vegetarian rice flour


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